Tikkun Olam

Kehila Chadasha is a member-driven community. These are only some of our many activities:

Social Action

Through tikkun olam (healing the world) we give of ourselves — feeding, clothing and sheltering those in need, and advocating for those less fortunate.

Charitable Giving

Through tzedakah we pool our members’ donations and select local, international, Jewish and nonsectarian causes to support.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental values are core to Kehila Chadasha’s mission and are woven into our spiritual life, education and outreach efforts. We are certified as a Green Sanctuary by GreenFaith. We’re also proud of continued engagement as an environmental steward by serving on the Executive Board of Montgomery County Faith Alliance for Climate Solutions, hosting lectures on environmental issues, partnering with communities of faith and environmental groups and keeping our members well-informed on campaigns and opportunities for activism.


  • Yom Kippur Food and Clothing Drive. Giving non-perishable food and gently-used clothing to help families in need.
  • Monthly Mitzvah Collection. Giving small, monthly donations (for example: socks, books, toiletries, household items) to help low-income and homeless men, women, and children.

Social Advocacy

Kehila has a long tradition of advocating for economic and social justice, locally, nationally and internationally:

  • Working alongside Jews United for Justice and other organizations to push for a $15 minimum wage in Montgomery County, paid sick leave in Maryland and Montgomery County, and greater gun control in Maryland.
  • Participating in Statewide Lobby Night in Annapolis to further social and environmental justice in the Maryland State Legislature.
  • Holding a vigil with Reb David at the Israeli Embassy to protest deportation of African migrants from Israel.
  • Participating in the Washington March for Our Lives to protest gun violence.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Shepherd’s Table. Volunteering to serve dinner for the homeless.
  • Interfaith Clothing Center. Volunteering to help organize clothing and other items offered to area families without charge.
  • Aid to Refugee Families. Donating furnishings and setting up apartments for refugee families.