Sharing Concerns and Commitment for a Two-State Solution

This past weekend I attended the J Street Conference at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. I understand there were some 2000 attendees, 400 college students! While everyone was asked to show their vaccination cards and wear masks, the greater majority did not wear masks. The vast majority were also exuberant about this opportunity, for the first time in almost three years, to engage with each other and the issues.  “Each other” included many Palestinian activists who were also present to express their concerns and to share their commitment to a two-state solution and the right of the Palestinian people to equal rights and self-determination.

As the result of reactionary forces in this country and in Israel, the group was psyched to tackle the obstacles ahead of us, here, and in Israel. There were a number of the Congressional candidates that benefited from JStreet support there in person to thank J Street and affirm their commitment to work for two states, security and human rights for both peoples. Please check out the J Street website to hear some of the presentations. A highlight for me was also listening to the Israeli Yemenite singer and peace activist Achinoam. Did you know that she also serves on the board of the New Israel Fund?

I was so happy to see so many new organizations devoted to justice and peace in the region. Many of them are under the umbrella of ALLMEP. Check out the link.

This week’s Parsha, VaYishlach, is the Parsha where we learn how Jacob receives the name of Israel, Yisrael, one who wrestles with God and with humans. At this conference I felt that I was surrounded by fellow soul wrestlers. Support these organizations. Give generously J Street, NIF, Torat Tzedek, Taghyeer and many others.  Kadimah with hope, Reb David

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