Parshat Noah: Ancient Story of Society/World Falling Apart

This week’s Parshat Noah brings us home to the ancient story of a society/world falling apart because of human failings, corruption and greed. Sound familiar? The Parsha also reminds us of the hope, vision and promise of a better world. While we are flooded with so many challenges and increasing anxiety, we are also flooded with the news of how many old and new voters have already begun to turn out for the election in less than two weeks. The image of ballots “flooding” the system is wonderful. But it may take extra time for the waters to subside before we see the Rainbow Sign once again.

While this is all unfolding, we must continue to protect ourselves and others in spite of the abhorrent leadership on top. We must continue to plan for the future, for ourselves, our families and our community. We must continue to build a society where people of different backgrounds learn to live together in harmony, addressing injustices and prejudices. We can’t become like those who build Towers of Babel for the sake of power and domination.

As with many organizations, institutions, congregations and non-profits, With the hope and miracle of Zoom we have renewed ourselves. It has become a new delight for between 20 and 30 of us to share Shabbat services and Torah discussions these last 8 months. Most can see each other, speak with each other and enjoy “visiting” our home sanctuaries.

While not enough folks signed up for an adult ed class during the week, we have brought together between 20 and 30 participants for our new Erev Shira Coffee House Sunday nights at 6:30pm. Proceeds from these evenings support several social justice organizations.

Once a month we are offering special gatherings for members and friends with scholars, authors and those in the legal and healing professions. If you have expertise in a particular area that you would like to share with community please let me know.

I have been meeting in person, masked and socially distanced, outdoors with Am Kolel and Kehila members. We might sit on park benches, the back deck or go for a walk.

Please email me if you would like to meet. VaY’hi Ohr! “Let there be light…” Reb David


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