Our education programs for children, teens, and adults are held on Sunday mornings. We are planning to resume in-person classes, although the details are evolving to keep everyone safe. Our Sunday school is open to the children of members and non-members. Sunday mornings start with morning sing, followed by Sunday School classes and Adult Education. Sunday School classes will begin on Sep. 19, 2021.


Sunday School

Grades Pre-K–7

We’re blending the best of both worlds, combining our successful hands-on learning style with new virtual favorites, such as tutoring at home and the quiz game, Kahoot!

“In the beginning”, this year’s school-wide, themed curriculum, is tailored to each class. Students and their families will experience the cycles of Jewish living: from birth to death, from Sunday to Shabbat, from the Jewish New Year to ‘Hebrew Valentine’s Day’ in the summer, and the cycle of weekly Torah readings, with a focus on the stories and values of Genesis.

Teen Youth Group

Our teen youth group emphasizes social action, Jewish values, leadership, and hands-on experiences.

Adult Education

Sunday morning adult education is an integral part of Kehila, promoting opportunities for lifelong learning for all members. Adult education features engaging speakers on historical, literary, religious, political, entertainment, and scientific topics.

Adult EducationA sampling of past topics includes:

  • Global Warming: A Jewish Perspective
  • Jews and Palestinians: Parallel Narratives Never Meet
  • Being Good: The Art and Science of Making Ethical Decisions
  • The Stages of Memory: Reflections on Memorial Art, Loss, and the Spaces Between
  • Spirituality and Activism in Times of Struggle
  • Violence, Police Brutality, and Steps Towards Reform
  • Patriotism, Sacrifice, and Antisemitic Hostility
  • Israel-diaspora Relations and Concerns over Human Rights in Israel and the Occupied Territories