Kehila values the role of learning in informing our thoughts, words and actions at any age. We draw inspiration from the full spectrum of Jewish heritage – theological, historical and cultural – and we accommodate a wide range of Jewish beliefs and practices. Our Sunday School prioritizes experiential learning through hands-on activities, field trips, and service learning. Weekly adult education encompasses historical, literary, religious, political, and scientific themes, as well as arts and entertainment. Simultaneous learning across generations is intended to model the values of progressive and intentional life-long learning.


Sunday School

Kehila Chadasha’s Sunday School is a welcoming, community-oriented path to Jewish education in Montgomery County. Children build personal connections to Judaism through music, art, movement, drama, and more. Kehila students learn about Jewish history, values, holidays, Torah, and Hebrew.

  • Staff includes experienced Jewish, Hebrew, and community educators; artists; teen volunteers.
  • Community membership is not required.
  • Discounted tuition for new families.
  • Warm, nurturing environment.
  • All levels of Jewish observance and experience.
  • Focus on social action, environmentalism, and connection to Jewish community.\
  • Individualized, creative B–Mitzvahs

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Adult Education

Sunday morning adult education is an integral part of Kehila, promoting opportunities for lifelong learning for all members. Adult education features engaging speakers on historical, literary, religious, political, entertainment, and scientific topics. This year we are offering in-person and Zoom options for members to attend however they are most comfortable.

A sampling of past topics includes:

  • Global Warming: A Jewish Perspective
  • Jews and Palestinians: Parallel Narratives Never Meet
  • The Genesis of Gender
  • Being Good: The Art and Science of Making Ethical Decisions
  • Spirituality and Activism in Times of Struggle
  • Violence, Police Brutality, and Steps Towards Reform
  • Equity in the Environmental Movement