Is A Terrible Spiritual Malaise Afflicting Our Country?

There is a terrible spiritual malaise afflicting our country. News of racism, gun violence, and human suffering is increasing. This is a spring of great struggle and, also, one of great opportunity.

The Parsha, Tazria Metzorah, addresses the importance of mindfulness and healing after childbirth. Later, we learn how the Cohanim, the Priests, served as medicine men, providing for the physical and spiritual healing of members of the community.

One particular disease, Tzaraat, often translated as leprosy, is actually the physical manifestation of spiritual uneasiness or trouble. Many of us know the similar Yiddish sounding word of Tsuris, probably derived from Tzaraat. It is identified with a moral lacking, such as the affliction of tzaraat experienced by Miriam for criticizing Moses for marrying an African.

Is there a connection between the corona virus and our society’s spiritual dilemmas today? Certainly, this past year has awakened us to the tremendous inequities in society.

Recently, Biden announced a 2 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. Where are the funds for an inner-structure plan? Who is addressing the spiritual malaise in this country? Where is the Task Force on Reconciliation and Healing?

This week Jews throughout the world and, particularly, in Israel, observe Yom HaZikaron and Yom Haatzmaut. The first day, two days ago, recalls the heroism of and losses of Jews throughout the past century in the struggle for Jewish renewal in Palestine. Thursday was Israel Independence Day. While we are mindful of the sacrifices that has provided a haven for so many our people, we must be mindful of the others peoples, especially, the Palestinian peoples that also inhabit the land. We cannot be whole, spiritually, without a movement striving for justice and peace there, too.  Kol tuv,   Reb David

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