How Can We Make Our Voices Heard?

We are deeply saddened and devastated by the loss of Justice Ginsburg. Her voice gave voice to so many others. At this time in our nation’s history her death calls us to give voice like we’ve never given voice before.

Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, has been a gift to us to help make us whole again, asking forgiveness for our wrongs and, through fasting, to, hopefully, cleanse our minds, spirit, and bodies of those unsavory moments and actions of the past year and, maybe, even beyond. It is supposed to be a “white fast.”

Days like Tisha B’Av are called a “black fast” because the Day recalls times of tragedy, alienation and suffering. I never thought that Yom Kippur might feel like such a fast. It is supposed to commemorate the loving relationship between us and the Mystery and Majesty of Creation, a renewal of vows, a hopeful day.

With the threats to ram a new Supreme Court Justice through the Senate that would support the forces of darkness is a shonda, a great tragedy. To threaten the integrity of the elections and, possibly, declare them fraudulent, is disgusting. How do we wish to renew ourselves? How can we make our voices heard?

This Yom Kippur day we are offering six breakout sessions that address many of our concerns. They start at 3:15pm. We are also offering a Panel featuring three nationally known organizers and activists, Judith Heumann, the leading Disability Rights activist; Elizabeth Yeampierre, a leading organizer of the Climate Justice Alliance; and, Cherie Brown, the founder of the National Coalition Building Institute. The Panel, dedicated to the memory of Justice Ginsburg, will take place at 5:30. Please come by 5:15.

It’s not too late to sign up for Yom Kippur service and sessions. A modest donation will assure you of a place at the table. See our website and links to Kehila Chadasha for more specific information.

….“Our inner beings cry out in weariness,

Feeling imprisoned, without justice and law,

Right, justice and equity…

Threatening to break out with might,

Toppling walls,

To go forth in freedom, singing aloud

their great song, holy and joyful.”(from Rav Kook)

G’mar Khatima Tovah, May we continue to strengthen each other, Reb David

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