An Invitation from Reb David 5783

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Dear Friends,

Life is with People is the name of an anthropological study of life in the Shtetl that was written in the 1950s. It is an important exploration and reminder of the sense of community that existed in Eastern Europe prior to the Holocaust. When I first read it in the early ’70s, it inspired me to dedicate my life to recreating authentic, creative, and caring Jewish communities. 

Like many others, I sorely miss the sense of community and the personal encounters that we have had over the years. While technologies have allowed us to keep in touch, our ways of communicating and being with each other have radically changed. 

How can we restore ourselves more completely? Buber wrote, “We can be redeemed only to the extent to which we see ourselves.” Renewal and redemption are nurtured by song and community. 

The High Holidays invite us to heal and grow from the challenges of the past two years, almost three. For those who are fully vaccinated, and feel safe, we will hold in-person services at Walter Johnson High School. Please come. 

Services will, once again, be livestreamed to those in our community and beyond who cannot be with us in person. Gifted musicians will join us once again to lift us up with inspiring music. Our guest scholars will share new insights to help celebrate Life, the Birthday of World, and opportunities for Teshuvah.

May we continue to be a Light to each other.
Khazak Khazak, v’Nitkhazek
Be strong, be strong and let us strengthen each other.

With love and blessings,

Rabbi David Shneyer
Rabbi Emeritus, Kehila Chadasha
Director and Spiritual Leader, Am Kolel Jewish Renewal Community