Adult Program — Public Health, Personal Liberty & Communal Obligation: What Jewish Law Can Teach Us About Today’s Questions

Sunday, March 14
10:30 a.m.


Rav Laurie offers Jewish insights into vexing questions of morality and ethics in the pandemic. They include: “How much personal convenience & financial security must I give up for the greater good? Do I have the right to decline to get vaccinated? Do I as a person of privilege have an obligation to actively address racial & economic disparities? Even to my detriment? As an employer, what are my responsibilities to my employees? Vendors? Customers/clients? Who should get the vaccine first? What can the community do to force or manipulate individuals into compliance? What are my minimum obligations? What if I’m willing to go beyond? What if pikuach nefesh doesn’t apply? (at least not in the way you think…_)”