Adult Oneg — “I Remember Better When I Paint” film excerpts and discussion with Berna Huebner

Friday, January 27
8:00 p.m.

Zoom/House parties

I Remember Better When I Paint” is perhaps the most important documentary to date dealing with our understanding of Alzheimer’s.” (The Gerontologist, 2016)

Berna Huebner will share excerpts from her totally uplifting film, I Remember Better When I Paint, narrated by Olivia de Havilland. Berna will discuss her work and how her Jewish values have influenced the intergenerational approaches she uses to help people in community settings such as synagogues.

This film is a pioneering example of art’s power as a nonpharmacologic treatment for Alzheimer’s disease resulting from family and professional efforts to uncover the vital essence of Hilda Gorenstein, a renowned American oil painter and water colorist. Struggling with AD in her 90s, Hilda grew increasingly remote and less communicative over time. When her daughter, Berna Huebner, asked her if she wanted to paint: “…her face brightened, and she lit up a bit and she seemed to be a little bit like herself. She looked at me, connected, and said, ‘Yes, I remember better when I paint’ .”

We are in for a treat with this presenter and her beautiful, hopeful film!

Wendy Miller, Berna’s longtime friend and colleague, will interview her for our discussion.