Adult Ed — “Listening to the Heart: What Jewish Texts Say About Reparations” with Sabrina Sojourner and Tamara Fish

Sunday, December 12


Are reparations for African Americans a Jewish justice issue? Is it a Queer justice issue? Reparations are not simply about slavery. They are also for the legacy of slavery’s White Supremacists laws and policies that marginalized and segregated in every sector of American economic, social, and spiritual (life). They are for the social legacy that perpetuates the belief that people of African descent are not human. We invite participants to explore how select government policies of the 20th century affected the socio-economic trajectories of their families, how the social beliefs reinforced those paths, then consider how Jewish texts address restitution and/or reconciliation, especially for slavery.

Tamara Fish (Harvard, A.B.; Union Theological Seminary, MA; Columbia, M.Phil.), co- founder of Khazbar, former professor of religion at Manhattan College in Riverdale, NY; Asst. Director of the Office of the University Chaplain at Columbia University; Bend the Arc NY chapter Leadership Team member, and former president, Jewish Multiracial Network.

Sabrina Sojourner (UCSB, BA; MUIH, MA) is the Spiritual Leader for Revitz House and Jews of Color and Our Families in the DMV, Co-founder of Khazbar, and the creator of Training the Heart to Listen, a relational approach to important conversations.