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Copyrights Held by Others

Kehila Chadasha adheres to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Kehila Chadasha respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects users of this website to respect those rights as well. Kehila Chadasha expects its members and others who offer works for use on this website to ensure that they own full rights to those works before submitting content for posting.

Under some circumstances, Kehila Chadasha may find it necessary to disable or terminate accounts of members and other site visitors who violate this policy.

This website will periodically include links to content that is not contained within Kehila Chadasha’s domains ( or Kehila Chadasha cannot verify that every web page linked to is free of copyright violations. However, Kehila Chadasha will investigate alleged violations that are brought to its attention and remove any links deemed likely to contain a copyright violation.

Claims of Intellectual Property Violations

Owners of copyrights or other intellectual property who believe their intellectual property rights have been violated by material posted on this website may contact Kehila Chadasha by writing to [email protected]. Details that identify the location of the material on Kehila Chadasha’s website should be included, as well as a description of the work that is claimed to have been copied without permission; evidence of ownership; and contact information, so that Kehila Chadasha can provide notification of the outcome of its investigation.