David Shneyer Writings

Has America Lost Its Way?

Has America lost its way? Have we entered a new wilderness, unsure of how to respond to pandemic, to social disparity, police brutality and leaders who desecrate sacred values and sacred places? The waves of protests are a desperate cry for justice and change. The social contract that should hold […]

Shavuot In This Year’s Climate

Once again, we stand at Sinai and recall the story of the Giving and Receiving of the Torah. Abraham Joshua Heschel, of blessed memory, wrote: “The surest way of misunderstanding revelation is to take it literally, to imagine that God spoke to the prophet on a long-distance telephone. Yet most […]

Convergence and Interweaving of Several Days which Speak to Us

This week we experience the convergence and interweaving of several days that speak to us. Last Sunday was the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Monday/Tuesday was Yom HaShoah, today is Earth Day, tomorrow is Ramadan and Friday evening ushers in Rosh Chodesh Iyar and Shabbat. This week underscores the importance […]