Adapting to Our New World Caused by the Pandemic

For those who joined us on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we hope this year the services were meaningful. We tried to create sacred space in a way we never imagined we could do. Throughout our history we have adapted too many trying conditions. Our generation is now on the cutting edge of something totally new. How a pandemic and technology interact with our ability to preserve community and our heritage is what we are working through. It is exciting. It is necessary. And it can be exhausting.

We now enter the Festival of Sukkot. Concern for social distancing in a Sukkah is something new. I’m thinking of doubling the size of our Sukkah so others can join us. This Shabbat we will Zoom services from Sanctuary. For those who can come out we will maintain safety guidelines. Fortunately, our Sukkah at Sanctuary is large enough to accommodate a few people at a time.

The meaning of Sukkot this year, our closeness to nature and the fragility of life resonate so deeply. Sunday evening, we invite you to a special Zoom Ushpizin with renowned teacher and poet, Danny Siegel. Beginning at 7:30pm he will share teachings about Sukkot and the Book of Ecclesiastes, the biblical text associated with Sukkot.

Sukkot begins this Friday. Lighting candles, sipping the fruit of the vine and dipping challah and apples in honey help to bring us into this lovely final harvest festival.

Many thanks to the Kehila organizers of the high holidays. Jorge Orencel and many others worked so hard. And our gratitude to Charlie Pilzer and his staff for making the technology and setting work for us. And many thanks to our musicians, Alan and Angelika, Theo and Ron and our many readers and speakers. Much appreciation to Cyndi, our Am Kolel Administrator, for all the extra hours she put in.

Kadimah, – May we go forward with renewed spirit, strength and hope, — Reb David


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