Kehila is welcoming new members and Sunday School families!

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Onegs, Holidays, Celebrations

Kehila is a tight-knit havurah that likes to socialize and celebrate Jewish traditions and experiences. Our community gatherings include monthly Shabbat and Havdalah dinners, holiday celebrations, and High Holidays services.

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Sunday School & Adult Programs

We promote a climate of lifelong learning for all members. Adults and children begin Sundays together with music and discussion. Children then attend experiential, play-based classes while adults enjoy speakers from the literary, historical, political, environmental, and religious worlds.

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Social & Environmental Action

Through Tikkun Olam (healing the world) we give of ourselves — feeding, clothing and sheltering those in need; advocating for those less fortunate; repairing and caring for the environment.

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Spiritual Leadership


Rav Laurie Green


Reb David Shneyer

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Kehila Chadasha is welcoming new members

Kehila Chadasha is more than an egalitarian Jewish congregation. It’s a member-led and directed community. Kehila members are extended family for one another, and we all pitch in when needs emerge. Join to have a voice in the community and leadership opportunities.

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